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McAMOS SmartLock (SmartLock USB)


Vendor: 0xA1A2 Product: 0x2001 Device: 0x200



USB HID (Human Interface Device) (no need drivers)


USB Dongles
Memory 105 bytes
Unique Serial Number


Read Byte
Write Byte
105 bytes Data Read
105 bytes Data Write
Data Encoding
Data Decoding

McAMOS SmartLock dongles emulated is individual.
If you have McAMOS SmartLock dongle and you want to help this project, please contact us

Dongle emulator:

Custom solution for this dongle available by request

For create backup / emulator need:

USBTrace logs (How to make USBTrace log for protection dongles)

USB Device Viever Information

Software distributive / setup files (upload to MEGA or Dropbox)

Software tested with McAMOS SmartLock dongle emulator:
We wait your requests...

Terminal Programming Station
SPT & TPS programs.


Deckman C-Map v9.1
Possible generate all activation codes

Dentero Viewer v1.4.7
Aligment / CDT Export / 3D Cutter / 3D Measure / Merge / Milling Direction / Praepline finder
License creator.

ELOP II & ELOP II Factory v4.1
Marvin CAD 2012

SEMCAD X64 v14.8.6
FlexLm Full license crack.

NcCenter v6.0.1.157
Solid v9.0.1.157

NaviPac v3.8.5 (possible include all modules)

progeCAD 2006 Pro. ITA SP1 v6.1.8

Race EVO Standart v7.00.403

Webasto Thermo Test v2.16


MACS V4.5.1

WinCNC - WinFlexIPS v6.0.3
Used HARDLOCK RUS license, possible change license information.

PSCAD v4.3.1.0 - v4.5.3
Generate local or server licene file.

L3 Integration Manager v1.0.5.02


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