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With the accelerating advancement of information technology HadaraSoft was in a race with time to apply make the best of these advancements. HadaraSoft has always been a leader in research and development always according to the latest technologies in developing easy to use, comprehensive and flexible financial solutions for the market. That is why the company developed Al-Mizan.net latest edition. Al-Mizan.net is the result of the company’s extensive effort since its inception to date. It is a comprehensive financial package offering information technology solutions for all business sectors.

Al-Mizan features:

  • General accounting system
  • Warehouse management system
  • Point of sale system
  • Fixed asset management system
  • Manufacturing management system




Deckman C-Map v9.1
Possible generate all activation codes

Programming Station iTNC530

MIDAS Civil 2013 v3.1

GPS.opt v7.48 / Glass Cutting Optimization
Possible generate all activation code.

BRC Sequent Fast v1.03

TRUMPF TOPS100 v05.41.00_B001
TRUMPF TOPS300 v05.10.06
Possible generate any license configuration.

Webasto Thermo Test v2.16

Ellipse SPT Software

Windowmaker 2012 R4.2 v6.4.2
Possible change expiration date
auto-QC v3.5

GibbsCAM 2007 v8.5

RM2006 v9.49.05
StabiCAD V

RFMS Measure 2016 v12.0 PREMIER 
Local authorization server.

Brother BES-100E Embroidery Software v2.14
METUS INGEST v3.1.0.5 x64

Summit Evolution v6.3 - 7.0
Possible add modules in Emulator


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